Hosting congress and seminars, establishing liaisons among mayors;

Constructing a communication platform;

Helping members to become international smart sustainable pilots of ISO 37101 and then ISO
371XX series;

Support cities for auto-evaluation of progresses;

During the implementation of ISO/TC268 standards (especially ISO37101), provide support and
guidance through different stages.

Organize a Global City Network piloting ISO/TC268 standards, build an exchanging platform for
cities on sustainable development, and improve sustainability and efficiency of governance for
member cities;

Actively participate ISSCC events in conjunction with ISO/TC 268 meetings, collect feedbacks and
suggestions on sustainable urban development, and offer recommendations for ISO/TC 268

Promote international cooperation among member cities, through standard implementation,
exchanging and communication. Also contribute to economic collaborations between cities.

ISSCC Main Tasks:

ISSCC Objectives: