"Future Community, Standard First" --- the ISSCC 2019 International Conference Held in Hangzhou


On October 19, under the guidance and support of CNIS and Zhejiang government, the International Organization for Standardization's Technical Committee on Sustainable Cities and Communities (ISO/TC268) and the secretariat of the International Smart Sustainable City Club (ISSCC) organized the "Future Community, Standard First" --- the ISSCC 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development Standards and the ISSCC Conference in Hangzhou, China. Etienne Cailleau, ISO/TC268 Secretary General; Dr. Sangjin Lee, Chairman & CEO of Korean Standards Association; Jean Felix, Chair of FIDIC Sustainable Development Committee; Dr. Yicheng Zhou, ISO37153 project leader; officers from SAMR, CNIS, Zhejiang provincial government, Hangzhou municipal government and Jianggan district government attended the meeting.

The meeting discussed the support and leading role of standards for the development of future community in Zhejiang, shared the innovative ideas of future smart community in global cities, promoted communication and cooperation among ISSCC members, and played ISSCC’s role in the international standardization of global sustainable development.


At the meeting, the officers from the SAC, CNIS, Zhejiang provincial government and Hangzhou municipal government expressed their support for the implementation and promotion of international standards for sustainable development in China, their concern for the research and development of national standards for sustainable development in China, and their attention to future community pilot projects.


Officer from Zhejiang Government addressing

Etienne Cailleau shared the research and development condition of international standards for global sustainable development and put forward critical suggestions on the pilot and implementation of international standards for global sustainable development in the world and China.


Etienne Cailleau delivering speech

ISSCC Secretariat implements the international standardization of global sustainable development, actively develop the pilot projects of ISO37101 in China, and has 7 international standard experimentation areas. Among them, Jianggan District, after three years of hard work on standard experimentation, has made a comprehensive and significant improvement in six core areas: attraction, happiness, social cohesion, resilience, environmental protection and improvement, and optimizing of resources. With excellent experimentation achievements, Jianggan District has stood out from 28 experimentation areas around the world and has finally been upgraded to the world's first international standard demonstration area for sustainable development of cities today. Etienne Cailleau and ISSCC secretary general Ms. Shao Xinhua jointly awarded the certificate plate to Hangzhou CBD and Tianjin Eco-City, two new ISO37101 international standard demonstration areas. ISSCC Secretariat actively participates in the development of ISO/TC268 international standards, and China has taken the leading role in developing 6 international standards for sustainable development.


The certificate awarding ceremony to the demonstration areas

Dr. Sangjin Lee introduced Korea's experience and achievements in urban sustainable development and development of future smark communities, and emphasized the important role of standards in sustainable development.


Dr. Sangjin Lee Taking the Floor

As expert on international standards for global sustainable development, Dr. Yicheng Zhou has put forward imformative suggestions on the drafting and application of standards, and pointed out that the future community is the focus of international sustainable development, and the series of international standards for urban sustainable development can provide theoretical guidance in the development of future community, standard research and development.


Presentation of Dr. Zhou Yicheng

In addition, many international and Chinese standardization experts shared their research results and experiences in the field of standardization for global sustainable development.


Group Photo

Representatives of international standardization organizations from the United States, France, Japan and Korea, experts and scholars from developed countries of future communities, ISSCC members such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian and Qingdao, representatives of international standard pilot cities, and officers in charge from 24 future communities pilots, over 160 persons, attended the meeting.